Monday, August 23, 2010

Colorado trip

    Every Monday night for two hours I meet with six of my friends and we do art.  We call ourselves The Paper Ladies and we all love doing different kinds on art.  Well this past weekend two of the Paper Ladies and myself went to my family's cabin in Colorado and did art.  We figured we did 23 1/2 hours of art while  there, it was our own private art retreat.  We had a blast and  made all kinds of things.  (I will post pictures tomorrow)

    We worked outside on the deck most of the day and we didn't even stop to eat we just snacked while we worked.  It really wasn't work at all but play!  We all shared our supplies and our knowledge with each other it couldn't have been any better!!  Thanks for going Debbie and Mary!!



Rebecca said...

Wow that sounds so fun!
How wonderful that you have friends to get away with and just create!
Have a wonderful week and I will look forward to the pictures!

Debbie said...

It was a wonderful time. Good friends and wonderful inspiration.